Hi! Welcome to From Sand to Gemstones! Bare with me while I figure this thing out. I’ve always found it extremely odd and uncomfortable when it came to writing about myself. There isn’t a cookie cutter way to blurb about who I am which often makes me overthink and write too much. So, bare with me during all of my jumbled thoughts!

Here is who I am…

Hi! Hello! Hey! I’m Pearl. I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest and will probably live around this area permanently (look at me mom settling down!). I’m a worker bee by day and a wife/fur mom/writer/wanna be singer by night. I’m a country loving, tea drinking, lemon in my water, nose in a book, animal lover kind of girl. I’m also a clumsy, musical singing, God-fearing, life adventuring, closet prepper, zombie loving, Hawaiian girl.

I’d say I’m happily married for the last 13 years but it kinda sounds cliche. Not that I’m not happy. We have ups and downs like any couple, but my husband and I manage to make things work. And I don’t regret a single moment I’ve gotten to share with him. He’s the serious one, I’m the comical one. He’s the patient one, me… uh, not so much. He’s quiet, I’m a jabber mouth. He’s the cool and collected while I’m the flustered and restless. He’s my best friend, my lover, my confidant. I once wrote a list and told God this is what I want in the man I marry. Jeremy is living proof nothing is too hard for God.

We don’t have kiddos but that will change soon. If you want to follow that journey I have a blog called Flores Adoption Adventures. Come and join the adventure!

Oh, before I go into the why I’m doing this here is a forewarning: I love basketball, football, and the ocean. I probably have a few (by a few a bit) references about all of them. I’m learning about softball and hockey now so… life lessons may come around sports. I also have two dogs and at times I’ll either complain about their craziness or just totally post about how much I adore them. Oh, I’ll probably gush about my nieces and nephews and my class. Nope, not a teacher. Just like to pretend to be one.

And the why…

I’m not the greatest writer. But, I do like to write. I started this blogging journey because I needed somewhere to go. I was tired of seeing hate. I’ve always wanted to help change the world one word at a time, and while I really can’t say I’m actually accomplishing that, I’m trying. Sometimes I will intertwine my posts with poetry. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not so much. But, I’ve learned I need to let it out somehow.

The purpose for this blog is to help someone. Anyone. Even myself. I’ve had some pretty dark disappointments in my life so I know how hope can push someone on. Thanks to my past I believe I’ve been able to build character, strengthen my faith and become a stronger person. I hope to help someone out there through my blogs to find comfort, to find the things that makes life exciting again, to find healing, or even if it’s just to motivate their life. With that said, sometimes my posts aren’t always positive. I have bad days, too. I truly want to be a woman who overcomes her mountains through faith instead of hiding from the fear. Sometimes I need a reminder, so if y’all wanna throw silver linings my way I will be obliged.

I really just want to shine some happy on someone. Anyone who needs a little ray here or there or everywhere. I hope to take all of the sandy situations in your life that feel like you’re sinking, and help refine them into the gemstones that make you everything you are.

All of my love and prayers! xoxo