From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


Vent Sesh

Portland Plague

--PLEASE STAND BY-- This is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test.¬†Attention, an event of unknown origin has begun in your area. In order to ensure your safety you must perform the following actions. Deviation will result... Continue Reading →

Power of Love

I'm reading this booked called Delicious! written by Ruth Reichl. I'm a wannabe foodie so a book about a girl who loves to write and loves food was right up my alley. I started it months ago but because of... Continue Reading →

I Am Woman

I am a woman. A wife. A mother. A sister. A friend. But, what does all of that mean? Personally, for me it means nothing unless I know who I am on my own two feet. I could not be... Continue Reading →

Deja Vu

I was awakened by a dream last night. I have been up since 4a and wrote this poem based off my dream. It's fitting. Deja Vu¬† I sat there like I had months before Listening to the song play Wondering,... Continue Reading →

Protected: Cuori Giocate

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

I’m Thankful For…

Today was a nightmare. Like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Child's Play nightmare. Like It, Jeepers Creepers, Michael Meyers nightmare. Literally. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I got chewed out for a vendor not being paid.... Continue Reading →

Just Tired

This past week I've pushed myself to keep fighting. It hasn't been easy. Everything in me just wants to curl in a cave and never come out. Sometimes I think it's easier that way. You don't have to play pretend... Continue Reading →

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