From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



International Virgin

So I finally did it. I took a step outside of the US.¬†Ok, it isn't necessarily a big thing to some, but for me it's a tick off my ever evolving bucket list. I drove across the border and spent... Continue Reading →

Emergency Kits

I'm not going to make light of the disasters that have hit America, Canada, Mexico and the Atlantic the last month. Fires. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Disaster after disaster it doesn't appear things will slow down any time soon. When we... Continue Reading →

For The Love of…Summer

Technically summer started on June 21st. But, you know, tomatoes tamatoes. With summer comes Mr. Sun, new adventures, sun screen, tan lines and lots and lots of water. After what seemed like a forever and a day rainy season the... Continue Reading →

The Water Is Calling

It is summer. Officially like a week ago. And the PNW graced us with a "beautiful" gift this past weekend with sunny skies of 100 degrees plus. It was hot, hot, hot! But, welcomed after such a bizarre winter and... Continue Reading →


I grew up hating my name. Well, names. My first name, middle name, last name, nickname. I was teased by other kids a lot because of them. Years ago my mom and dad gave me a Hawaiian gold bracelet that had... Continue Reading →

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