What are dreams made of?

I don’t mean the dreams that stir you up at night. Your goals, your aspirations, the things that make you want to get up and be the best version of yourself, those dreams. What are those dreams made of?

The other day I was talking to my best friend about her dreams. She is having amazing success with her business and I couldn’t be prouder. She was talking about having her kit nearly reimbursed and I told her the world is hers. She talked about her excitement of paying her bills off, helping her mom and sister, then ultimately opening a group home for at risk youth.

That is when it got me thinking. What are my dreams? What am I doing to reach those dreams? What is stopping me from becoming the best version of myself?

Here are my dreams:

  1. Finish my novel
  2. Write children’s books
  3. Breathe life into Hummingbird House

I was told the other day that I’m a go getter. That I’m not afraid to step out into the unknown. That I’m not afraid of taking chances. That I jump with two feet. All of those were the greatest of compliments coming from someone that I look up to. But, if I am all of that, why am I letting life stop me from accomplishing those dreams?

I’m determined to change that.

Today is day two of NaNoWriMo and I want to be able to buckle down and work on my novel. I know my novel will probably not be on the Times Bestseller Book list. I don’t know how successful it will actually be. But, I do know that this novel is my heart and soul. I know that everything I am is going into this story and while I want it to help someone, it is ultimately helping me. Yesterday I realized I need to write just 800 words per day in order to get to the 50K word mark. Just 800 words. That is definitely manageable.

Earlier this year I started taking a course to be a copy writer/editor. It was my way of being able to write for a living and still make enough money to help support my family. It would allow me to be able to write children’s books while being able to have a better work/life balance, travel the world, and continue to be an introvert (I sorta kid on the last one). If writing is what I want to do then I need to discipline myself to do so. Being a copywriter will open up so many doors for me. Including my favorite door of all…

Hummingbird House. My dream to touch lives will always light a fire under me. And at Hummingbird House making a difference is all that will matter. As a writer I will be able to spend the time needed to cultivate my vision of helping foster kids in my community. A literacy program. A big brother/sister program. A group home. To help them feel they are important, loved, amazing.

It’s time that I risk it all to pursue what sets my soul on fire. No more allowing the what if’s and I can’ts to bulldoze the building blocks I lay down to be the best version of myself. What sets your soul on fire? What is stopping you?

Take the risk and fly. xoxo