My family calls my sister ninja. She comes in and out of our family’s group chat when we least expect it. We are often surprised of her presence. And I, taking a cue from her, have done that this week. I’ve been MIA in the blogosphere this last week not by choice. Believe me, I’ve had a ton to say, just not the strength or the energy to say it.

I remember when weekends used to feel long enough where I get some semblance of rest. Now, nothing seems to get me rested enough for another week of work and the weekend hasn’t ended for me. I’ve been sick with some kind of infection. Dear Doctors, please figure out this fever and vertigo so I can actually do something. All I really want though, all I need is more sleep. This whole one hour of falling back did nothing for me. My body still woke up when it does, my insomnia still works like it does, and I am still struggling to sleep.

The good news? I’m sure all these meds, vitamins, and supplements should do something for me. Emptying out these savings for medical care should give me that. My ears burn, my throat hurts, and a clumsy person having vertigo is no laughing feat. I’ve been a good girl and have actually rested all week. Someone, come visit or shoot me. I wasn’t made to just relax. I don’t even understand the concept.

Hope you are all well. I started a bunch of blogs over the course of the week and am excited to share so much. Until then…

Be the change you want to see happen. xoxo