It’s scary isn’t it seeing what is happening in Texas? I’ve kept Texans in my thoughts and prayers since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. And will continue doing so as the storm continues to hit the Gulf and emergency efforts continue. While all of this happens I want to take the moment to provide options of how you can help and to point out one thing. 

First, want to help? Here are a few ways you can do it…

  1. American Red Cross. You can go online but to make it easier you can text HARVEY to 90999 to make a donation.
  2. Greater Houston Community Fund. There is a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund there. Just go to their website.
  3. United Way of Great Houston. Here is their website, but like the Red Cross you can text them! Just text UWFLOOD to 41444 to donate.
  4. Houston Food Bank / Corpus Christi Food Bank. With over 30,000 homes being destroyed, families are displaced. With no clothing, no shelter, no food. Consider donating to either food bank – Houston, Corpus Christi. Donating money versus food allows the food bank to use your donation more efficiently.
  5. Texas Diaper Bank. This will help both infants and seniors. Again, donating money allows the bank to use your donation more efficiently. Go here to help.
  6. Volunteer. If you have the time there are so many people in need of help in Texas.

And here is my point…

Since the election there has been political displeasure across of America. With that displeasure has come a lot of anger and hate. We have witnessed some pretty tragical things lately because of it. As pictures surface of the damage that is being done by this massive storm, by the loss of property and life, I see one thing: unity. For once, it isn’t about politics, it isn’t about the color of your skin, what side of the aisle you are. It’s about being humans first and foremost.

I am captivated by all of the selflessness that is happening for Texas. That is what America is. It isn’t about protesting your belief. It isn’t about taking down statues. It isn’t about removing Bibles from churches. It is about the hand outstretched to help our brothers and sisters. It is about carrying a family’s pet to safety. It is about bringing a boat to a roof. It is about loving each other enough to remember that life itself is so very important. It is with that remembrance that we remember what we should be vesting in: each other.

As rescue efforts continue in Texas, as all of America comes together in unity, I encourage you today to remember this feeling. The feeling of brotherhood. The feeling of police and community coming together. The feeling of diversity potted as singularity. The feeling of American life. We are what we choose to become. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty tired of seeing the country I love so much divided. xoxo