This holiday season has already been an amazing time but it got better today. It’s been a pretty dry fall/winter. But today, on Christmas Eve morning, snow fell. Shortly before church started the snow started falling and let me tell you, there was nothing more beautiful than seeing this rough world turn white. To be honest, when the snow began to fall it was hard for me to stay focused. I love the snow. And I was excited. None of this meek and mild excited. It was the kind of excited where I didn’t care if my high-heeled boots weren’t made to bring in the amazingness of snow. I wanted to play. It brought such joy – to so much of us – this morning.

As I watched the snow fall onto the cars outside I realized one thing: I love the snow because it reminds me of hope, just like the Christmas season does.

We life lives that can be chaotic. Work. School. Children. Spouse. Church. Self. There is a list of things that can make life busier than it should be. We are always running around doing as much things as possible to fill in our day. And then, like crazy people, we repeat it the next day and the day after that. We get so exhausted, run down, worn out. Our bodies are tattered and torn, our minds are weary. And yet, we keep going in the hopes of catching a break.

Hope. A four letter word that simply put means a feeling of expectation for something to happen. We are always hoping for something in life. But, during the holidays doesn’t that hope intensify? We hope that we may find peace, joy and happiness. We hope that our loved ones are prosperous and healthy. Even young ones hope to see Santa Claus, the man who brings jolly ho-ho-ho’s and pure happiness. Heck, for some of us, we’re hoping our football team can run the table again and get into the playoffs. The holiday season brings a lot of hope. But, why?

When I see snow I see hope because it reminds me of Christmas. And, in Christmas I see the hope of forgiveness of sins. I see the hope of unconditional love. I see the hope of comfort and peace. I see the hope of fruition of a promise made to me so many years ago. I see the hope of light.

The thrill of hope. The weary world rejoices
for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.


Each year around this time I get my hopes up. I know I won’t be disappointed because Christmas reminds me that my Savior was born and then looked at me and said, “Pearl, I choose you. And because I choose you, I’ll die for you. I love you.” This alone gets me excited for the season.

I’m looking at this Christmas and I’m understanding how blessed I am to know the real Reason for this season. To be able to share that with others. But, most importantly be able to hold firmly to my hope – not with thinking things may get better – but knowing that it will. I’ve seen what hope and faith does in my life. And this Christmas I’m praying that hope and love surround you and your loved ones this season.

Merry Christmas, lovelies. With all of my love. xoxo