From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



Why I Choose Gratefulness

I spent a few years being ungrateful. Ungrateful about life, my circumstances. About my health, my unluckiness to not have something good happen to me. I was ungrateful about what I did have -  an amazing husband, a stable job,... Continue Reading →

The Dragon

The last three months the struggle's been real. I can sum it up to one thing or another but really it's been an accumulation of everything. Life and work. Work and life. Everything is going right yet everything is going... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare

It wasn't a good night. I spent much of the night tossing or turning or refusing to sleep in fear it would all come back. On a Sunday, this is not how I intended things to work out. This is... Continue Reading →

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