From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



Holidays Without Those We Love

This morning I awoke with a heavy heart. I knew someone I hold dear to my heart would be struggling today. As if Thanksgiving wasn't hard enough. As if Christmas wasn't hard enough. This person would have to spend today,... Continue Reading →

Working Through Grief

Today I threw a Fall Social. I'm around these people all day and I never see them so I forced the interaction. One of my friends laughed at me yesterday because she said, "I never see you but when I... Continue Reading →

Because Of Grief

I thought of my dad today. Which, really, isn't something new since I think about him all the time. But, today, I was reminded on how fragile life is. An old friend of mine is hurting with the loss of... Continue Reading →

A Single Tear

It goes to show that a heart will always want what a heart wants.¬†As I stood at the bank of the river I was reminded of the calming presence it portrays. I was reminded of the soothing sounds it sings.... Continue Reading →

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