From Sand to Gemstones

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love yourself

For The Love of A Year

Around this time last year I was going through something that kinda cut me at my knees. I mean it was a gut wrenching, wind knocked out of you, so dizzy the world keeps spinning kind of thing. It was... Continue Reading →

For The Love Of…A Positive Self Image

It's no secret I'm not too fond of the way my ┬ábody looks. I can point the finger as far as the reasonings to it. But, ultimately, it's up to me to conquer those stupid thoughts and I embarked on... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to a Younger Me

Today is the start of my bi-annual 30-day blog blast. I figured to start it off with something to keep me a bit motivated through 2017. I've said it so many times: this last year has been an incredible year... Continue Reading →

You Are Enough

This morning started off as a real struggle. I was glad to have had my office to myself as I spent much of the morning in tears. It felt like this morning everything had to hit. I've been having some... Continue Reading →

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