From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



For The Love of Thankfulness

As I breezed through the month of November I made sure, like others, to be thankful. Thankful for life, love and happiness. Thankful for pain, distress, and sadness. Thankful for growth, loss and everything in between. Like fall the seasons of... Continue Reading →

Why I Choose Gratefulness

I spent a few years being ungrateful. Ungrateful about life, my circumstances. About my health, my unluckiness to not have something good happen to me. I was ungrateful about what I did have -  an amazing husband, a stable job,... Continue Reading →


I have OCD. It isn't really bad but it isn't really mild either. If given the chance I'd probably like me to the character Martin of Sleeping With the Enemy - minus the whole if I can't have you no... Continue Reading →


It has been a struggle this week. Nothing seems to want to fall in place. Rather, everything seems to be falling south. I needed encouragement today because I've been feeling overwhelmed and ready to just give in. I was reminded... Continue Reading →


I spent the weekend in Cannon Beach with some amazing ladies. A three day retreat to bond, grow, and conceptualize the women we are in God. It was an amazing three days where it helped me realize a few things. I know more... Continue Reading →

Season of Thanks

As I prepare to spend time with my family and friends, feed my tummy with deliciousness, and watch some football I will be thinking of all that I am thankful for this year.

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