As I breezed through the month of November I made sure, like others, to be thankful. Thankful for life, love and happiness. Thankful for pain, distress, and sadness. Thankful for growth, loss and everything in between. Like fall the seasons of life will always change. It isn’t always easy. During some seasons you’ll blossom. Other seasons you’ll bask in the sun. Some seasons you’ll have loss. One thing I know for sure is:

When asked if my cup is half empty
or half full, my only response is:
I’m thankful I have a cup.

I’ve learned there is always something to be thankful for. I have so many things to be thankful for this month. But, in staying with 30 days of thankfulness here are the 30 things I am thankful for:

  1. God. There are so many reasons here. For loving a sinner like me. For healing a broken heart. For mending a shattered soul.
  2. Jose. He’s our licensor. He’s walked us through the ups and downs of the foster licensing. He’s been a godsend.
  3. Laughter. Feeling your heart and belly full of laughter is such an amazing feeling.
  4. Yearly ornament hunting. This year I stopped in at Kohl’s to do just because shopping, turned the corner and was greeted with the perfect 2017 ornament.
  5. Chance at being Nursery coordinator. I said no, then said yes as a trial run. It doesn’t seem so bad thanks to Jami.
  6. Walking into things. Sounds silly I know but as hard as I try not to I still do it and my husband and I get a good laugh from it every time.
  7. Giving back.I don’t have much but I love being able to give what I can to help someone else.
  8. Mashed Potatoes. This Thanksgiving I realized I don’t like turkey or ham without mash.
  9. Notebooks. These objects are things that easily bring me joy. I always have a notebook readily available where I can put my thoughts and feels down.
  10. Music. It is while I’m listening to music that I can be 100% me.
  11. My baking skills. So, they aren’t Michelin star worthy but it’s good enough that a followed recipe still comes out no matter the mistakes made.
  12. Autumn leaves. they remind me that everyone has a past and a chance for a new beginning.
  13. The City of Vancouver. For opening its arms and allowing us to call it home.
  14. Assortment of tea bags. I went to one of my fave breakfast places, tried and liked a new tea infusion. The assortments remind me that change – wanted or not – can still be good.
  15. Innocence of Littles. My Rainbows class reminds me that boo-boos can be healed with hugs and love. Every Wednesday Nova starts a group hug and I’m suddenly engulfed by a zoo of preschoolers but it’s pretty magical.
  16. Song: What About Us. P!nk is amazing. When I need motivation I listen to it..

    Sticks and stones they may break my bones
    But then I’ll be ready, are you ready?
    It’s the start of us, waking up come on
    Are you ready? I’ll be ready.

  17. New beginnings. The end of the year is nigh which means new beginnings. I don’t like surprises, changes or new beginnings but I understand they are a must in order to become a better person.
  18. Sun rises. Having one car is a struggle. But, the beauty of it means I get to cross the Glenn Jackson bridge during a time when God is awakening our world. And my heart is always in such awe of its beauty.
  19. Traffic. Yes, seriously. The hubby drives in the morning and on our way home which means I get naps both ways because of the traffic. I mean, NAPS! What adult doesn’t like naps? (If you said you, you might want to reevaluate your priorities!)
  20. Family. No matter the issues I will always be grateful for them.
  21. Sound of an acoustic guitar. It’s probably from all the years listening to my dad play. The sound gets me every time.
  22. Snow. I know people aren’t happy it’s coming. But, it reminds me that I can be forgiven and I can forgive.
  23. My stubbornness. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me on this health journey.
  24. My husband’s morning alarms. Hearing them means I get to wake up and try again.
  25. Dancing. I’ll tell you I don’t dance but I secretly dance in my home. I love to just be silly and free and me.
  26. Hand written notes. I would rather get a handwritten note than an email any day of the week.
  27. Living pay check to pay check. I go into downtown Vancouver almost every day. In doing so I pass a lot of homeless people. My first world brain complains about the struggle of living pay check to pay check. Try just trying to stay alive.
  28. Our struggles. Without them we wouldn’t have fallen on our knees to God and found our Strength.
  29. Self-care. It is learning to take care of myself that my eyes were opened to all the bad things in life and was able to learn all the good things in my life I never paid attention to before.
  30. Always love. My husband. My family. My friends.

For the love of self I learned the importance of a grateful heart. xoxo