work life

I’m a workaholic. I take after my mom in that aspect. I pour everything into what I do at work. Literally. Everything. If I have to open, I’m the first one there. I I have to close, I’m the last one there. On my weekends I drop everything to help the store. I have cancelled multiple vacations. I’ve worked 12 hour days for 16 days straight. I’ve worked 23 days straight at one point. When I commit to something its all or nothing with me. And that is a problem. There is a reason Dorothy didn’t say there’s no place like work.

Today was the first day of my vacation. Yes, I actually took one. Did I answer a few calls? Yes. Texts? Yes. Emails? Yes. But, what can I say? I’m working on this whole when you aren’t at work don’t worry about work bit. But, either way today it was a good day. I spent the afternoon with my babies – my nieces and nephews. They are my pride and joy. My infertility issues make me cling to the fact that I can still be a grown up for someone through them. And today, I wasn’t a grown up, I was Aunty. The long lost Aunty that they never see because while I’m not incredibly far (about 45 minute drive without traffic) I’m incredibly busy with work. My babies, as always, made me long for the infamous work/life balance. They spent most of the afternoon either singing and dancing to my music with me, or sitting on my lap watching videos together. The few hours with them made me realize that is what I want. Spending time with family just being.

My current work situation sorta sucks. I’m great at what I do. I love what I do. I’m somehow recognized as one of the best in the region – I’m still computing that. But, it’s no longer who I am anymore. I have come to realize, for my sanity, having a work/life balance is so essential. I guess that is one main reason I am shooting for Lee’s Café and Traveler’s Story. My friend and I are putting a business proposal together to put two things that we love, that we have passion for, together. These two businesses will allow us to have that work/life balance we long for. Not to mention, the two of us together, the dream team. More days like today makes me want to push so very hard to put the dream team back together and get our businesses up and running. Taking time to live life will only inspire your work. This dream team is inspired for success and a longing of balance in our work and personal lives. Today made me realize that, hard.

Need your help. Go to our blog for Lee’s Café and Traveler’s Story and share the word. We are a start up company, planning to do something great. Help us find that work/life balance everyone longs to find.