It is no secret I like to read. For a while now I have been following the blog LifeHack. First off, the name is so simple yet draws you in. How can you not follow LifeHack? Secondly, there is so much information on the blog that you seriously can spend hours on it just being. I read a post on there titled “I’m Thankful To My Best Friend For These 8 Things.” It made me instantly think of my girl who has stood beside me through thick and thin. And in honor of my undying love for her here is my list of 8…

  1. Thank you for accepting me. I’ve always seen myself as an acquired taste. First, I’m not easily understood. Second, my mood swings though. Third, I like to keep to myself. Somehow, all these years she and I have known each other she has always accepted all of my quirks, dysfunctions, malfunctions, and everything in between.

  1. Thank you for being supportive. That summer when I decided to turn my life upside down and get disowned by my family, the one person that helped me push through the dark was her. She supported me always, even when the decisions I made weren’t very favorable – a la running away to Boise, ID. Good or bad, agree or not, I knew she was always there for me.
  1. Thank you for your loyalty. No matter what, no matter the circumstances, my girl had my back. My life often threw some crazy screwballs (fathead, this will forever be my joke for you) but she never complained and was always willing to go to bat for me. KRAP. That was us. I chose the perfect friend. Someone as loyal as I. Even if we didn’t see eye to eye on many things we were always batting for each other.
  1. Thank you for holding me accountable. I remember a phone call fourteen Septembers ago. Ok, that’s not at all how the song goes, nor was the phone call in September. But, I remember a call I received from her. I had reached a dark time in my life and told her I am giving up. I was done with life and didn’t want to take on any more. She played on the fact that I love deep and I am loyal to a fault. She threw the reverse psychology card on me and had me thinking she was giving up. I stepped in and explained with conviction why she shouldn’t give up. I didn’t understand immediately what she was doing, but I do now.
  1. Thank you for being honest. She understands the kind of person I am and because of that she always knew how to be honest with me. No matter which direction our lives went we were always honest to each other. The decisions I made in life were made with knowing her thoughts and weighing them heavily with my husband’s thoughts and mine.
  1. Thank you for being my balance. These last 16 years I wouldn’t have made it through life without her. Between her and her cousin (my husband – convenient right?) I stayed grounded. Her passion to live her life centered in God has allowed me to reap those benefits. Her prayers – oh her many prayers she sent my way – for me has helped me be steady and for the most part right. I could never repay her for that.
  1. Thank you for your passion and drive. I wasn’t grateful growing up. I never knew or understood what my parents had to do and how hard they had to work to provide for our family. When she and I met she helped bring that all home, she put it all in perspective for me. Her independence showed me that I wouldn’t get handed anything in life and that I had to work for it. She is an incredible role model.
  1. Thank you for believing in me. She never gave up on me. Like ever. Not when other people gave up on me. Not when my own blood gave up on me. Not when I gave up on myself. She continued to believe that I could do anything I wanted to do. She still does. All of my crazy ideas she supports and pushes me to do. That kind of confidence goes a long way.

To my sister, cousin, and friend. Thank you for all that you are and have done.