As I sit here listening to the live local music of Hawaii I reminisce of my “hanabata days” growing up in Hawaii. I can see the cousins running around my mama’s yard while my dad is bbqing with his guitar in one hand and his beer not far away. I can see my mom, aunties and uncles gambling. I can see all my mama’s cats running around probably chasing those big and disgusting roaches and lizards. Those were the days.

But, my most favorite memory? This…


I’ve been thinking a lot about my hanabata days as of late. It’s probably because my husband has really picked up his game when it comes to his RC cars. The picture above is of me and my oldest sister racing around my dad’s prized RC car at my mama’s house. We grew up playing with that car. And my dad’s other cars/trucks as well. Like his music and cooking my dad loved his RCs.

Tomorrow, my husband goes to an RC competition and I’m excited for him. Jeremy built his current RC from the ground up. Can I use that term with RCs because usually I use it when referencing him building homes? Usually, he has a prepainted body and the guts of the car. He then puts it together and modifies it. This time, it took him forever because he literally made this RC. He baked the rims off of old tires and put in new ones. He made his engine and all the other things that go under the body. He even found a dude to sit in the driver seat, some kind of sand ladder to put in the back, and food for the driver dude to have. Like props on an RC? Unreal, right?

My favorite part of his RC? The body itself. It didn’t take as long as the interior…y’all should see the interior it’s crazy detailed and I have no idea how he had the patience to do it. But, the body is…different? I don’t quite know how to explain it (and sorry guys if this seems like a boring blog but I’m really proud of him on this). The body of this RC, he took the time to paint as if its an old vehicle with rust, a replaced side, dents due to age and wear and tear. It is pretty detailed. I always knew that he was creative, but it was interesting watching him do it all. I don’t think he thinks I watched what he was doing but I did. The hours he spent hunched over the kitchen table putting the RC together was amazing.

Anyway, all that to say – you know how people say girls fall in love with a man that somehow reminds them of their father? Well, I know what I see in my husband that reminds me of my dad. As I sit here listening to the music of my Hawaii nei, remembering my dad, I smile thinking of my husband’s creativity and how it mirrors my father’s. My memories of my hanabata days, of the good times we had together being a family makes me excited to know that no matter what, my little family of my husband and I and my two fur babies will continue to create good times together just like my dad did with us.