Alex and Sierra. Ever heard of this duo? Well, they were the winners of Season 2’s X-Factor. (And don’t judge me for watching reality music shows because like they’re fun to watch) When they first burst on the scene I fell in love with their voice and love of each other. They were pretty corny as heck but so refreshing somehow. Anyway, when their first CD came out I was hooked because its totally amazeballs. I love the entire CD. One of my favorite? Bumper Cars. It is so catchy yet so heartfelt and gut wrenching.

I bring all of this up because my husband loves this song. And I always get this feeling that something is wrong when I hear him playing it. If you just listened to the song – good job by the way – I don’t mean wrong in a sense that he and I are wrong. Rather, something is bothering him. So, because last night I came home to him listening to Alex and Sierra’s soulful ballad I wanted to touch on how amazing the guy I married is. Forgive me to all who get queasy on mushy stuff – trust me I don’t like to dish it out publicly – but, I figured he should know how truly special he is.

An no, this isn’t me airing out our dirty laundry – and sorry to all those who was hoping for a gossipy blog post because that will never happen. I just wanted to debunk this song in a way for him. Maybe debunk is the wrong word? I don’t know. Either way, this blog post is gonna go this way…

“Can’t help wondering what you’re thinking, wherever you are” – Sometimes I get in my head. My eyes get glazed and you can be talking to me and it can seem I’m not there. Well, here’s a promise: I’m here. Right here.

“Round and round we chase the sparks but all that seems to lead to is a pile of broken parts” – If there is one thing I know about our relationship, no matter how many broken parts we seem to drop or come across, the parts always fit completely together. I have always said that God made me fun size so I can perfectly fit in the crook of your arm, perfectly enveloped in your hug. That’s because, my broken parts, they always get put back together because you love me.

“All roads since you are wrong directions I’ll never get home” – I can try to do everything I can to be at “home” but the truth of the matter is no matter what I do it is never home without you. Hawaii will never be home unless you’re on the beach with me. Boise will never be home unless you’re floating the river with me. Vancouver will never be home unless we are braving it together.

“This was supposed to be the one” – Up and down, side to side, no matter what is thrown in our path the tandem of you and I work. It will always work because we are in this together. Always.

With all that said, my dearest husband, my hope is when you listen to this song you don’t see it as a sad song, but a song that, together, you and I can go against the grain of the lyrics and its meaning to be us. JNP. Fighting for everything, together. Just like it is supposed to be.