Tonight’s post isn’t what I had planned it to be. In fact, I have the intended post sitting in my drafts folder waiting for me to hit the published folder. However, after a series of events today I didn’t have the strength for it. Or the courage? Last thing I want is for it to be interpreted wrong by certain people. With that said my heart has something else to say.

Dear You Know Who You Are,

Hotcakes taste different. But, I still love my tea.
Now looking at the river doesn’t bring me serenity.
I do have the spunk and the sass that goes with it.
I will put up a fight because I’m tired of giving a shit.
I am my own person, question it if you dare.
When push comes to shove, I don’t fight fair.
Cat and mouse, round and round we go
Life is too short to put up with this show.
Enough is enough I’m letting go
Consider this my final no.
The past is the past, it cannot be rephrased
You’re right, you no longer have sway.
To my almost, the memories are cherished
But let go because what once was has now perished.

And to you my friend, I get why you did what you did.
To see a plethora of happiness you want me amid.
Two peas in a pod, partners in crime we are
I’m just hurt you’d encourage what I have disbarred.
There is no anger just questioned thoughts
I’m caught off guard, completely distraught.
There is no fight to fight the privilege was lost
Fighting my way out for I can’t take anymore at this cost.
You’re right we are family, blood need not apply
Just promise me, to let the river slip by.

To you know who you are. It is time to start the new chapter.