From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


July 2015

Rising Dawn Update

I'm cheating and not really writing much today. Wanted to give an update on my business adventures. But, before I do that I do want to shout out a little encouragement for anyone who wants to listen. You see, Rising... Continue Reading →

My Hawaii

If you haven’t gathered the intel yet, I’m from Hawaii. When people find out that I’m from the islands the one question that they always ask is, “Why? Why did you move away?” Well, if you asked me six years... Continue Reading →

How High?

I grew up with the notion that marijuana is bad and wrong in every sense of the word. I grew up with the idea that intaking marijuana in any way was forbidden. I grew up with the idea that hanging... Continue Reading →

Mighty King

The Lion King came out when I was in elementary school. I can remember watching that movie over and over and over again. I can still recite the entire movie and sing along with the characters as they venture through... Continue Reading →

I Am…

Tonight I had severe writers block so I reached out to a friend for some inspiration. Okay, to be fair, I actually asked her to write it for me because I was completely blank. She came up with a “Dear Blog”... Continue Reading →

Bumper Cars

Alex and Sierra. Ever heard of this duo? Well, they were the winners of Season 2's X-Factor. (And don't judge me for watching reality music shows because like they're fun to watch) When they first burst on the scene I... Continue Reading →

Memories of Good Times Together

As I sit here listening to the live local music of Hawaii I reminisce of my "hanabata days" growing up in Hawaii. I can see the cousins running around my mama's yard while my dad is bbqing with his guitar... Continue Reading →

Become Legendary

For as long as I can remember I have had this burning passion for basketball. I don't know when it started. Or how it started. I just know it has always been a part of me. Basketball gives me this... Continue Reading →

No Expiration

Your dreams do not have an expiration date. I know this because I believe this. You see I have always been a dreamer. Always wanting something that was out of reach. Maybe that’s why I’m so different from my family.... Continue Reading →

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