Ok so here’s the thing, I’m sitting here enjoying the afternoon with my friend and I’m listening to the conversation going on. And I’m not irked or pissed at the people talking but the conversation itself…

A woman became pregnant out of wedlock. This woman is part of a family who is incredibly religious. This woman was pregnant. She lost the baby. The family’s reason she lost it? She lost it because she wasn’t married so God took the baby from her. 

Ok. Stop. Right now. Stop. 

Are you kidding me right now? Seriously? You believe that the God I serve would just kill a baby because the mother is not married? Really? Seriously? Think about it. Just sit there, think. God is not a hateful God. God is not a “you didn’t serve Me right so your baby dies” God. Why are people honestly that fricken stupid!? 

Sorry mom. I can hear you scolding me but I hate people who are so flippantly ignorant. 

First off, miscarriage isn’t just something people should just brush off. Miscarriage sucks. Miscarriage hurts. Miscarriage is unhealable. Then you add God to the equation and how He would just kill a baby because you are not married? Ya, as if the woman who miscarries isn’t already dealing with hurt, anger, confusion and guilt. Add on the fact that “hey, you’re such a failure that even God doesn’t want you happy” feeling, ya good one. Good one people. Just prove there is still faith in humanity. Yup, I’m proud to be a human with a heart. 

Infertility is an issue that isn’t talked about very often. People, like me, have to deal with infertility on the daily. Then we have just absolutely stupid people who think stupid things before even thinking how it would affect the other person. Tell me that infertility will pass. Tell me that I just have to relax. Tell me that I’m not meant to be a parent. Tell me that there are worse things that could happen. Tell me that God didn’t want me happy. Tell me any of those or anything like it and I swear to you that you will either have a broken face or my hand will be crushed trying.