When I listen to music the song, the melody, the lyrics touches me where words alone can’t. Music has always been my escape. Before writing this blog I’ve been more of a private person. I sorta still am but give everyone a glimpse here and there of my heart. Music plays a part in that glimpse as it is the connection to the part in me that the world doesn’t really know or see.

With the right song or melody you either forget everything or remember everything. That’s the beauty of music. It allows you to be in touch with every emotion you never knew existed. When the words of your life fail music speaks. The right song will give you the right answers, or soothe your soul, give you comfort or strength, allow forgiveness and healing. I could never understand how some people just listen to music without taking the time to understand the meaning behind the beat. I’ve always taken the time to understand the backbone of a song. I guess it makes sense for me though because I’m the same way with books. Books take a new life when I read them as does music when I hear them.

I’ve been listening to this song for the last few days. Over and over. Every word sung I feel deep in my heart because it is as if she wrote it knowing intimately about my feelings, about my hurt, about my love of life, about my very soul. She talks about the force of gravity in life pulling her back to the very thing she doesn’t want and yet wants so badly. The song is so powerful. You could feel every emotion as she sings the song. And thats when I realize, maybe its the music of my heart that will get me out of this. That will help me fight and know that I am worth every bit of happiness that life throws at me with or without circumstances or people.

I need to find the songs of my heart again. For me it will always be more than just music. I don’t listen to music as background noise. I fall in love with songs because of their words because it’s all about life and love, all wrapped into one harmonic ballad. It’s an essence of the undertaking of freedom from your feelings and your day to day life. Music, if allowed, can  wash away from your very soul the dust of love, heartbreak, regret, resentment, anger, and life.

Music has become my sanity. And as I listen to this song I grasp on to my sanity because nothing else makes sense. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to push through, but maybe as I fall back on my beginnings, fall back to basics I can. I will survive, I always do. And I will rise from the dust and be stronger, smarter, happier because I got to experience gravity.

Io alzerò.