From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



For the love of Suddenlies

Grief has a way of changing you. I never really understood it until about two years ago even though I’ve had my fair share of grief before that. Grief. What is it? Depends on where you look. You can google... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Roots

I haven't been writing much these last 24 months. It's been a road of self discovery of sorts. I'm still grappling with it all. One minute I have a family life I adore, a job that I love, a world... Continue Reading →

Dear Present

Dear Present, I've been sitting here these last few days trying to gain some footing. The world seems to have been swiped from me, like it often does when things feel so right. I followed my heart and my heart... Continue Reading →


My story isn't complicated and yet it has so much twists and turns. Some days I wish the twists and turns would in fact be linear. Wishful thinking.  This poem was written about the start of a relationship. A relationship... Continue Reading →

The Strength of Family

In Hawaii it is always about family. There is a reason that Lilo made sure Stitch understood that ohana meant family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. There is a reason that Moana, though teaching of courage and... Continue Reading →

Getting My Hands Dirty

It is true you know. Many hands make light work. Yesterday I woke a little early and headed to my church to help set up for our annual Fall Festival. Jeremy and I haven't been going to the church very long... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Changes

I can't believe it's been four years. I made the decision to be a "blogger" four years ago. I think I'm still working on it. Learning how to write, connecting with the blogosphere, realizing I've always had a passion to write.... Continue Reading →

Painting the Night Red

I am not a creative person. Ya, sure I can throw out a poem or two or an occasionally moving blog post. But, move past that I am as gray as they come. All of that didn't stop me from... Continue Reading →

Care Enough

I need to get something off my chest. In 1997 my mom and her fiancé were heading home from their work trip from Kona. Usually they take the Hamakua route to and back but decided to see the volcano instead.... Continue Reading →

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