My 12 day series of being a Strong Woman has ended. I hope the little blurbs has helped you. It actually has inspired me to be everything in the list below. Here’s to being a strong woman. 

Being a strong woman means:

  1. You are confidant. 
  2. You know who you are and what you want in life. 
  3. You’re okay with being a girl and still being a boss. 
  4. You know your dreams and goals and understand the passion and drive to get there.  
  5. You are opinionated and smart. 
  6. You’re the glue that holds it together. 
  7. Your priorities are yours and important. 
  8. You are a protector. 
  9. You are comfortable in your own skin. 
  10. You’re a leader. 
  11. You’re strong and independent yet soft, sensitive and intuitive. 
  12. You are authentic. 

The world will throw thousands of things at you at any given moment. It will tell you of your short comings and weaknesses. It will tell you of the disadvantages you still have. It will tell you of the thousands of other male counterparts who have done what you have done in less of the time. Just remember to shrug the world off your shoulders and push through. 

You are a strong independent woman. You can do anything you put your mind to. Life will flow with you the center of it because that is where you belong. Own your world.