Day 12: You are authentically, wholeheartedly yourself.

When you came into this world your life was secretly planned out by your parents and family. You had to meet cultural expectations to show the world just who you are supposed to be. Everyone had a say in what kind of career you were going to have, the person you were to marry, the university you were going to, and how life is supposed to turn out for you. From the day you were born you became the twinkle of your parents’ eyes to be a lawyer, a doctor, a politician, an athlete.

Fast forward to now, to the you that you are. You spent four years of high school having to figure out you. Even then you probably spent another four years of college trying to undo who you thought you were supposed to be in high school. Day in and day out you structurally find a way to carve a path into the sand that best fits your personality and lifestyle. You continue to be authentic and continue to create the life you have chosen. You have become accustomed to writing and then rewriting your own rules as you speak the honest truth and living your life fully — without apology or regret. All of this is becomes the best version of you that helps you to be  happy from the inside out.

As a strong woman you need to understand that you are authentic and that isn’t a bad thing. As a strong woman being authentic means being 100% you. Be yourself because that is the best way you can be the strongest woman you can be for yourself and the people around you. You need to be the best version of yourself but the only way to be a strong woman and do that is by being all you. I am learning that being me is important because that is what makes me the happiest me.

Life is short, be yourself without apology.