My husband and I are known to be homebodies. We like to just hang out and home and watch a movie or two. Then we turn to our hobbies – him his RC creations me my writing project or reading – and chat about life as we become content about doing our own thing. Lately, that has changed. The homebody part. Thanks in part to…

Pokemon Go

I’m not ashamed to say I am part of the craze. I’ve dropped a few Pokemon references these past few blogs to already to be snickered at from readers. But, I’m cool with that because amid all the negative chatter that Pokemon Go is getting there are a things that they are doing right. At least for me and the hubby.

  1. Childhood – adulting is a full time job. You have bills, career, family. Sometimes you have church, school/workshops, projects, and community programs. Sometimes you have part time jobs, physical therapy, needy relationships. There are so many obligations and not enough of you. Sometimes you just need something that will allow you to enjoy fun and laughter. Sometimes you need excitement and counting the little things. I grew up watching and playing Pokemon. I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderful it is to feel free, to bridge the gap between my past and my present.
  2. Introverts turn still introverts but not so much – again, my husband and I are home bodies. Not so much now. I’ve read stories where Pokemon Go players are rude and inconsiderate. I’ve not come across any of those. But, I have come across the others. The beauty of this game is the fact that it takes me out of my comfort zone. In order to be good at the game you need to get out there. I can walk up to someone playing the game and strike up a conversation. WITHOUT ANXIETY. I am comfortable in my own skin. This game brings out social consciousness. It allows people to talk, to laugh. Strangers in a park are conversing. In this world, that doesn’t happen enough. Pokemon, unbeknownst to everyone, is finding a way to bridge some kind of gap. And while I’m not saying Pokemon Go is going to bring world peace, at least it is bringing something.
  3. Date nights – our date nights usually consisted of us having dinner out then going home because the anxiety of being around a lot of people caused my skin to crawl. It takes a lot out of me to be in a place with tons of people. That’s the main reason I have trouble going into Downtown Portland at nights or over the weekends. Just the thought causes me to have shortness of breath. But, Pokemon Go has changed that. We can go out. And I will want to stay out. Okay, I want to stay out to go “hunting” but even still. We are spending time together. He’s not a hunter but he enjoys watching me play. He enjoys seeing me happy. And I’m sure it’s a really nice change for him to be able to be out. Because of me he didn’t go out much, now, I’m willing to go almost anywhere with him because I’m on a hunt.
  4. Hatching – I walk as much as I can already. I take the stairs unless it is absolutely necessary for me to take the elevator. I walk to Fred Meyers and the food carts instead of taking my car. But with this game they make you walk to hatch eggs. And believe me, I make sure I have that game up to count my steps because I am going to hatch a 2k egg with a Squirtle, a 5k egg with Ponyta, and a 10k with an Onyx. I will. Also, it has allowed me to find a better balance in my exercise routine instead of driving myself into the ground.

Happy Dance praise for the minds of Niantic. I’m not sure if you had planned things to turn out the way it has. But, I can tell you I am grateful for your brilliance because it’s making positive changes in my life. Thank you for the nudge for personal growth.

Gotta catch em all! xoxo