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july 2016 blog blast

The Finals

This is the last day of my July blog blast and it has been a ride. So many things have happened in the last 30 days. Lots of travel was done. Got to have first time experiences. Became the tannest... Continue Reading →

The Sun

Dear Mr. Sun, I almost didn't go out to see you today. Almost. It was hard to go today only because change is not my forte. But, you see, sir, I miss the sunshine. I felt your rays beating on my... Continue Reading →

Shadow People

Don't laugh when I tell you I love Twilight. Yes, I know there are other vamp movies out there that are better. Or more "accurate." Or to some, "not so dumb." I have my vice you have yours. But, for... Continue Reading →

Locked Away

I was reminded today that there are some who get me and some who don't by a simple "good morning"... Hey I don't got orange juice or milk. Can I swing by for breakfast. To some this will mean nothing.... Continue Reading →

Expiring Holiday

Within hours our holiday will be over. Four days of fun and sun. We had many road trips. Been to towns and cities we haven't been to in a long time or ever. We got to watch water baxters sunbathe... Continue Reading →

Reasons for Goodbye

I am great at metaphors and double meanings. After this weekend I don't regret the decisions I have made these last 10 months. I don't regret saying goodbye. My reasons are my own but they are the right reasons. I... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Girl 

People say that grief takes time to heal. They say that time heals all wounds. They say that by remembering the lessons that your parent taught you it makes things easier. I've listened to those words for two and a... Continue Reading →

Ma, Mom, Mommy Hi Ma. I tried to think of a funny to explain that you've been my mom for 32 years. It didn't make sense - it was Pearl funny, which basically means it wasn't at all. But, would you expect... Continue Reading →

Mason Lake

The waves from fellow boats hit the shore complaining about the disruption. I swing back and forth watching the water meet the rocks. I can relate to the waves. The water, clear enough to see the bottom at fifty feet... Continue Reading →

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