Wanna go to bunco night?

What? Huh? What?

I guess I’m really sheltered. Or a big introvert. Or a total nerd for being totally out of the loop on this game. But, bunco.

I was invited out for a girls’ night of bunco playing, dessert tasting, taco eating fun. I immediately said yes without thinking because (1) I need to seriously force myself to be uncomfortable so I can grow, (2) I had a long week and girls’ night wouldn’t be so bad (3) I seriously would have said no if I allowed myself to think. 

I brought a cannoli dip which I’m proud to say was a huge success. Thanks for the recipe. It’s now a highlight in my repertoire. I was hesitant to have the chicken taco because I’m not a taco person. But I had some. And, boy was it good.

Then, bunco started.

Ok, let me tell you that until a few days ago I never heard of this game. I thought it was my friend’s way of making themes for girls night out. But, this is a legit game. And I must say the competitor in me was on her best behavior. I was given the rundown of the game in a fairly decent and quick way. I had mostly losses but it’s really a luck of a flicked wrist so I wouldn’t say I sucked.

So what do you need for this game?

A bell.
A squirrel.
Some cash for buy in.
Three dices
A score card per team.
A tracking sheet for your win/losses.
A feel of speed dating.
Woman who like to have fun.

You can roll the dice any way you want. With “crack” hands. Shaky hands. Blah hands. With anger hands. Dropped hands. Or indifferent hands. No matter how you roll, you roll.

Each team takes turns until the head table reaches 21 points. Now, this can take forever but here’s where you practice your wrist flicking. Three rounds. Six games per round. If all your three dices roll the round number you’re to scream bunco where in which you are the lucky keeper of the squirrel. And literally you scream. I didn’t scream and get excited because I may have missed I had a bunco.

At the end, the winner wins. The loser wins. The squirrel handler wins. The most buncos win. It’s basically a fun way to gamble on a monthly basis because you have multiple winners. And because, quite frankly, the company is great.

I didn’t intend to tell you how to play the game – or in this case how to partially play. What I wanted to tell you is just leap. Leap when you’re uncomfortable because then you’ll learn if you’re missing something. Leap when you’re unsure because then you will be sure. Leap when you’re tired because then you are rejuvenated. Leap when you have ten thousand other excuses to not and realize it was worth it.

I was anxious when I headed to the hostess’ house. I was uncomfortable. I felt out of place. I felt like the introvert in me was going to get exhausted being there. The hostess and the rest of the party easily helped me feel at ease as soon as I got there. And before I knew it I was trying a dish I hardly eat, getting rave reviews on a cannoli recipe, and laughing at the way the sun is in my eyes even if I don’t know it yet. I was uncomfortable because I’m not a girls’ night out with strangers kind of girl. Everything about tonight was out of my norm and made me feel uneasy. But, I’m so glad I did it.

When I left to return home to my sleepy husband I felt rejuvenated. I felt triumphant. I felt proud. I did something I never do. I went out of my comfort zone to meet new people, eat new things, learn new things. And it was amazing.

Is there something in your life that makes you feel uncomfortable? What have you done to fix it? Is there something in your life that seems overwhelming? Is there something in your life that makes you anxious? How can you fix it? What steps can you take to be the boss? What ever it is, the uncomfortableness makes you want to run and hide? What if you were to face it and be able to scratch something off your dream board?

It may have been just a game night for me but I proved to myself that I could in fact do things that were uncomfortable. I can do them and be a boss. I can accomplish the tasks and enjoy myself. I almost made a big mistake and allowed my fear to dictate what I needed.

Instead, I took a leap and won.  xoxo