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Which Voice….Part Dos

Yesterday I wrote about taking control of your thoughts and listening to the good angel versus the bad. I wanted to just expand a little more on it. Well,  not so much as expand but give you proof that positive... Continue Reading →

Which Voice?

It's that time of the week where you are thankful it isn't the beginning and praying that it is the end. The time of the week that you're dragging out of bed looking for a pick me upper to head... Continue Reading →

Getting My Hands Dirty

It is true you know. Many hands make light work. Yesterday I woke a little early and headed to my church to help set up for our annual Fall Festival. Jeremy and I haven't been going to the church very long... Continue Reading →

Season of Change

Four seasons. All with its good and bad. What is your favorite? Fall happens to be one of my favorite seasons. Yes, I realize there is only four and I'm staking claim to more than one but how do you... Continue Reading →


Wanna go to bunco night? What? Huh? What? I guess I'm really sheltered. Or a big introvert. Or a total nerd for being totally out of the loop on this game. But, bunco. I was invited out for a girls'... Continue Reading →

There Is More To You

It's been a weird 24 hours. Not weird in a bad, eerie sense. But a humbling sense. It started off with an article. An article about the need to pay attention to enable healing. The writer talked about being "blocked" with... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings

Give me coffee or give me death! Ok, maybe that isn't at all what Patrick Henry intended in his convention speech but it seemed fitting considering this is Monday. I love my job but on Mondays as I travel with the heavy traffic... Continue Reading →


I have OCD. It isn't really bad but it isn't really mild either. If given the chance I'd probably like me to the character Martin of Sleeping With the Enemy - minus the whole if I can't have you no... Continue Reading →

I Do, I Do Believe in Fairies

I was told that I have a childlike imagination. One that believes in Santa, fairies, unicorns and the like. It isn't that I really believe in all those things. As an adult I'm pretty certain I have a grasp on... Continue Reading →

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