The world was saddened yesterday when news of Gene Wilder passing from complications of Alzheimer’s hit.

I wrote this poem a while back when moon was a daily prompt. I didn’t feel like it was the right time to post it so I opted to post something else instead. Many moons ago I wrote a poem to the man on the moon. It was a little depressing – well quite depressing. I wanted to write something a little more uplifting to help me be in the place I want to be in life. 


Dear Man on the Moon
Can you share your wisdom
Teach me of how you shine
Show me your kingdom
I’ve watched the stars twinkle
As they shoot across your sky
And I make a single wish to you
Just teach me how to fly

Dear Man on the Moon
I want to know your secret
Of why you hide behind the sun
And yet become a ship’s beacon
Show me the auroras
Through your sky they float
Teach me of your wildest dreams
Of adventures and gleeful antidotes

Dear Man on the Moon
As the planets encircle the sun
They give way to your night sky
Dancing away the boredom
You light the path of the cougars
In darkness the owls are awakened
The gray wolves howl with their pack
The glow of fireflies cannot be mistaken

Dear Man on the Moon
Can you tell me a story
Where pirates fight with swords
And lost boys protect their territory
Sing me a soulful lullaby
Filled with pixie dust and hope
Of lion cubs playing in the field
And chases of antelope.

Dear Man on the Moon
What do you have to say
Of the imagination you entice
Of Tightropes, tents and child’s play
Your promises of ever after
Your secrets of mythical lore
Thank you for the adventures
Always, truly yours.


Now I know why I waited.

I’m 32 years old and I still enjoy Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I still enjoy the classic cartoons that played while I was growing up. I can’t turn a Disney animation down. Heck, I’m playing Pokemon for crying out loud. There is something about my childhood that keeps me coming back. There is something about the innocence of youth that keeps me holding on.

Here is what I know. The world is different now that Gene Wilder is gone. Its not different in a bad different kind of way but not good different either. Gene was an entertainer that sought to keep putting smiles on the face of the world. And the world could use more people like him.

Gene Wilder opened up a world of pure imagination for me. Introduced me to the Oompa Loompas. Helped introduce me to make believe. Enticed me to live out my hopes and dreams. And for that, Mr. Wilder, I thank you. Thank you for teaching me to close my eyes and see magic lands. Rest in peace.

Into your imaginations. xoxo