I was awakened by a dream last night. I have been up since 4a and wrote this poem based off my dream. It’s fitting.

Deja Vu 

I sat there like I had months before
Listening to the song play
Wondering, questioning, understanding
The deja vu of the changing days
The seconds that ticked by
The sounds that were heard
This dream that’s turned real
My vision suddenly blurred
Is this not what is expected
When you finally find your way
Of criss crossing paths
Of not going astray
The mutuality is silent but clear
The dawning as loud as thunder
As the quiet becomes heavy
The world as a canyon it asunders
The choice has been made
As you replay your past
As an uneasy calm settles in
The reasons of change are vast
Give the opportunity a chance
You offer yourself a plea
This may seem like before
But now, are you not free?
You watch unstunned, unmoved
Knowing the outcome, the conclusion
This cannot be deja vu
For there no longer is inclusion
The stiffness of actions
Should tell you a tale
To recall a past life story
No you’re no longer frail
The changes may be unwarranted
But it is all on good will
As you watch the separation of paths
As your heart finally stills

I wrote this poem not intending to share it but I figure why not. Someone once told me that my dreams were my subconscious telling me something. Probably so. If it is true, I’m grateful for the ten kids I get to see every Wednesday night. My day was mediocre and long. My heart has been unsettled today. As soon as I walked into the church I was greeted with a hug. Then, as if the kids knew what I needed, I was bombarded with hugs throughout class. Be still my heart.

4a, emotional, probably hormonal, and hungry. But, even with the finality, I’m okay. xoxo