A year and a half ago a journey was started after what felt like losing everything I was. I stepped into an office that housed people who did social services not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was the new girl on the block, the new Office Manager that would help right the ship and ease some of the things being held down by others after the previous OM left. I had no clue how or what. The only thing I knew was what I had learned at HCH and the confidence of being able to do the task at hand.

A year and a half ago I sat in a chair behind a desk that became my office. I’ve never had an office of my own before. It felt odd. But oddly invigorating. Was this what I was meant to do? I was sure of it. I’ve only wanted to make a difference in the world – even if it was just in my world. I felt like I finally arrived. The possibilities were endless.

A year and a half ago I got down to business. The “training manual” wasn’t much of a manual though the previous OM had tried. It felt like I was going in blind but, I did it. I tried the processes in the existing manual and created my own that was more efficient for my style of work. I learned more than I needed to because it was the only way I knew how to understand what I was doing. I asked a lot of questions and was given so much patience.

A year and a half later a new journey will start. A journey that will allow me to take care of myself. A journey that will allow me to pursue my dreams. A journey that instead of feeling like I’m losing everything, I’m being pushed by the family I’ve made here to soar toward my fate. I’m no longer the new girl on the block and have met some incredible people along the way. The possibilities were endless coming into this position, but I never understood the gravity of how endless until now.

Today, I mark my last days as the Office Manager. It is a bittersweet end of an incredible journey. I will miss the people here, everyone who I have laughed with, got to know their quirks and became friends and family with. There are some truly amazing people in this company who serve our clients with so much heart and unselfishness. These are the people who have touched my heart and helped fill it with love and kindness.

Then there are those people who I worked so closely with they helped take a broken girl and rebuild her.

SB who showed me that it’s perfectly okay to be black and white. Showed me that having processes isn’t the end of the world and make me appreciate that quality in myself as well. She also helped me to laugh at talking to myself. She showed me that, in a sense, it was a rite of passage to the industry.

HH made me happy to love country music and show tunes. Between her and AM I got serenaded and got jiggy with it from my blaring music. She gave me the connections to keep track of which musicals were heading to the PDX. I can never be more grateful.

It wasn’t until we moved to the new State Office that I worked more closely with DD. And she was an invaluable asset of wealth and knowledge about the industry. She also never hesitated to help me clean, set up, unload boxes. I will forever appreciate her.

I can’t keep going on and on about everyone because quite frankly every single person in that State Office has taught me so much that helped to better my job and myself. I love you and appreciate you all for that. But, there is one person that really helped this Phoenix be reborn.

It goes to say that people are intimidated by you. In the last year and a half I have come to understand it is because of the title not because of the person behind the title. For if there is one thing I know, YD, is the person behind that title is kind, nurturing, resilient and so very insightful. I remember crying in my interview because of the past and the need to make a difference. You didn’t know how broken I was then but something made you say, she’s it. You gave me a chance when I had lost all hope. Thank you.

As the year went on you got to learn more about me than I have ever shared to someone outside of my very small and very close circle. There’s something about you that makes me want to be open about who and what I am. And amazingly, with ease I was able to do that. I shared the loss of my son, my infertility issues, my stalker issues and my health issues with you. And you were always caring and supportive of everything. I felt like you had my back, even on days I didn’t have my own or when I was utterly messing things up. Thank you.

YD, most of all, you helped me conquer my fears. If there is one thing I will take away from working for you it is: if you are afraid to do something because you’re afraid to fail that is when you should do it. You’ve said this to me so many times in the course of our year and a half together. And it’s become a mantra for me. Everything I have ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Your encouragement blew my writing up. You helped me realize my dreams, helped me roughly draft out my novel and begin the journey into children picture books. In the last year I have created so many different paths for me along the way because I needed to conquer fear. I am now so much more enriched, fulfilled and happy. Thank you.

I will miss our unfiltered touch bases, your hearty laugh and the fact you always said thank you even if it was just to get you a copy. But most of all, I’ll miss your hugs. Because, although it may have seemed I was adverse to hugs in general, I am a hugger. And your hugs were like mama bear hugs telling me things would be ok or sending me some encouragement. They pushed me a long way on some of the most stressful days in the office. Thank you so very much.

A year and a half ago I found a company that would take a broken soul and help her be reborn. A year and a half later it’s time to soar.

Aloha a hui hou MENTOR ohana.

All my love. xoxo