I told myself I had to publish a post. I had to. I’ve been lackadaisical about my posts. Mainly because my brain has been all over the place. It’s not like the schedule I’ve laid out isn’t reasonable. It is. Three times a week isn’t much, right? It isn’t like my passion for writing has suddenly just dissipated. I still write all the time. But, honestly, lately it’s been feeling empty. 

So, I wanted to change all that. Even if technically tonight’s post is more of a filler than anything. I really don’t feel like writing. I would like to go for a walk. Or runaway. Or do other things then be here right now in front of my computer. Sorry guys, I know sometimes being honest isn’t the greatest thing on earth. But, I just don’t want to be. The only way I could combat that was to find something that would inspire me to fall forward. Then I saw that today is National Fun Day. It’s also National Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day. But, that’s just too much.

National Fun Day happens the first Monday of April. In 2019 it’ll be especially fun since it lands on the first. What are some things you would like to do or do to have fun? I had to dig deep here since I’m a busy bee and I don’t do great at self-care. Here is my fun…

  1. Sit on the sand and listen to the waves crash the shores of my island. No surprise there. I love being at the beach when my brain and heart need a recharge. There is something about the sounds of the waves, the smell of the salt water, and the feel of the breeze that makes things better.
  2. Go to Italy with my mom. My Italy dream board keeps calling me. Adopting is definitely more important than the overseas trip. But, that doesn’t stop my board from making me want to take a two week vacation to the boot.
  3. Own a basketball court and shoot hoops. The feel of the burn in my legs and arms would probably help get rid of this angst. And the sound of the ball hitting nothing but net, the sneakers hitting just right on the floor, and the bounce of the ball between your hand and the court. Man, it brings back memories.
  4. Binge watch Gilmore girls while eating a gallon of Coffee Lovers ice cream from Cold Stone. When life gets me down I often turn to Gilmore Girls. There is something about Lorelei and Rory that always seem to make me laugh and forget about my problems.
  5. Bake the hell out of my kitchen. I would like the smell of sweet fragrances traveling throughout my home as I put pan after pan of delicacies on my table. Human yummies. Dog yummies. Rabbit yummies. I don’t care which. Or what. Just to create something.
  6. Rough and tumble with the Rainbows. I don’t have mPact this week which now suddenly sucks. Those kids always know how to brighten my day.
  7. Take a road trip. The road trip would need lots of coffee, very loud music, a ton of snacks and ice cream. Can’t forget the ice cream.
  8. Sexy time. That is always fun unless your partner is a douche. Then maybe not so fun.
  9. Taking my dogs to the dog park. My Treeing Walker Coonhound loves the dog park. He just loves the ability to run without the leash really. When I see how carefree he is it makes my heart swell. This apartment constricts him. I can’t wait for a house.
  10. Sit on a bench near a window in a library reading the day away. I know, some may not think that is fun, but to each their own. When I feel the need to runaway, what better place than in a book? Whatever your mind can create as you take yourself through the book cannot be judged by others. That’s my favorite, having the ability to not have to deal with reality, even for a second.

What do you do to get out of your slump? I apparently write sweet nothings on my blog. But, those sweet nothings gave me one thing: I know how to runaway. See you at the end of my book. xoxo