Good morning Moms,

It is Mother’s Day today and I wanted to give you encouragement. You have the world’s toughest job. You work at every stroke of the clock. Sometimes without gratitude. Sometimes you’re haggard and not put together. Other times you’re flying through the house with your Super Woman cape on getting things done. Sometimes you’re hiding in your closet taking a breather. Other times you’re on your toilet yelling for some peace and quiet. And through it all you still get through the day with so much love and adoration for the crazy, loving and wonderful monsters that drive you mad on a daily basis.

I applaud your strength. 

I have listened to a lot of stories from mothers this week and it only makes me want to step in your shoes even more. Don’t get me wrong, I know the job can sometimes not be glamorous but I also know, as I watched my friends daughters and little boy run to her last night after not seeing her for four days, I want that. I want to join the club of motherhood. I watched a mother receive a beautiful piece jewelry with a picture of her family and how much she adored it. I watched a mother a mother cry as she was gifted with a mother/daughter gift. The love they have for their families are immeasurable.

I applaud your love.

You had to give up so much as a mother. My friends laughed this weekend at their saggy boobs. Of unclean houses. Of un-alone time on toilets. Days where showers weren’t possible. Finding ways to feed their kids amid soccer practice and tee ball. They laughed about how their bodies changed to bring their kiddos into the world. They talked about the things they find in their hair. The attitudes they have to confront. And the lost of sleep. I’ve learned through them that every day is an adventure.

I applaud your sacrifice.

There is a few things I wanted to say to all you beautiful mama’s out there…

Thank you to the beautiful moms out there that love their children, teach them about God’s grace, and help them to become strong in their faith.

Thank you to the single moms who did the best they could and reared up their children to be strong and loving.

Thank you to the Foster Moms who have decided that she could help make a difference with her love.

Thank you to the Adoptive Mom who gets to celebrate in the joy of finally getting to say hello to her little one.

Thank you to the Preacher’s Wives who touch the lives of the congregation she and her husband have committed to love and teach.

Thank you to the Grandma’s who give all of their love and adoration to her grandchildren and still continue to sacrifice.

Thank you to the Angel Moms who have learned that it is okay to let go and still be able to love their angel who grew wings sooner than they wanted.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all you women who have taught me that motherhood – no matter how you get there – is such an amazing gift.

And most importantly, own your strength. There is so much power in you that you are unaware of. I’ve watched and listened this weekend about how there are some days where the going gets tougher than it should. And I want to encourage you. You mother’s amaze me every day. Your faith gets you through and when you don’t think you can you allow God’s grace to carry you. Though you are not perfect, you are perfect to them.

Thank you for the selfless love you give day in and day out. Thank you for the generosity, the devotion, the sacrifice. Today is your day. Today we honor you. xoxo