I took a little break in writing the last two weeks. Between focusing on the licensing for foster care, beautiful weather, and multiple road trips in May, I needed a break to just kinda not do anything with my brain. Now that the month is over I’m ready…I think…to dig in.

I’ve been tossing around an idea with my husband for the last month or so. Well, multiple ideas but this one always made me think. I think I’m going to start a new monthly post. Every month, on the first post day of the month, I will have a For the Love Of…. The post will be about the previous month. I’ll focus on a certain subject like holidays, events I may have scheduled, a new product I tried. You know really anything about that month. Does it sound like this isn’t really thought through?

I promise you it has been. I’m just having trouble explaining it in words. Oddly enough since I call myself a writer. But, the idea is right here. If any of you imagined me tapping my head you get a brownie point. I’m finishing the last few hours of my brain vacation. I will see you in a few days for the first For the Love Of.