I need to do something productive. I had intended to take a break from a scheduled post for writing because there has been so much going on. And I didn’t want the pressure. I just wanted to focus on the adoption. Today though, today I feel that pressure. Today it’s heavy here. And the only thing that I can think of doing is writing. Writing has always grounded me. 

Saturday afternoon an unbelievable tragedy rocked my work family. Saturday afternoon an incredible young man tragically lost his life while swimming. And I can feel the heart break of all those in this building who loved him. I ache knowing my incredible boss lost her pride and joy.  My heart aches knowing the only thing I can do for her is send my love and prayers. And it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

I sat in a meeting today listening to the stories about Hunter. My coworkers were excited to see Hunter graduate, excel in his collegiate career. Today I heard stories about that thing he does with his half smile and his kind heart. Stories about how they remember watching him grow up. There is so much love for him and I know he will be greatly missed.

And here is what I have to say.

I didn’t personally know Hunter. But, I knew how much love his mom had for him. How proud she was of his accomplishments. I also have read the many touching words that his classmates and those who did know him have said about him. I know that the world has lost an incredible young man as Heaven gained an incredible angel.

I don’t know how it feels to see and watch your child grow up for 18 years to only lose him in an instant. But, I do know the ache of losing a child and my heart goes out to M and her family. My prayers have been lifted to them since I found out.

Friends, I implore you to love your loved ones. You are never promised tomorrow so love them. If there is a tiff between you and your loved one make it right. Your mom. Your dad. Your siblings. Anyone. Don’t be afraid to show or tell someone you love them. And when you do, hug them a little closer. Life is too short. Just love.