Today has been a really rough day. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer trying to write today’s blog. It seems like I can write everything but. I don’t know what it is. I’m tired after my long weekend. I want to cuddle in bed thanks to the fall weather. I missed my puppies so I wanna hang out with them. I can probably find a million things to excuse the fact that I have no words today.

So, instead of actually finding words of my own I’m borrowing words from others. Sometimes the motivator needs to be inspired too. I’m hoping that’s the case at least. Then I’ll jump out of the box, breaking the paper into a glorious field of words to finish my novel. Crossing my fingers.


I always think of Princess Dairies whenever I hear this quote these days. But, it’s one of my favorite quotes. No one can make you feel like a no body unless you believe them.


Life has never been able to keep me down. Like the phoenix, I’ve never given up, even when things felt like the end. Remember all the people before you who failed and kept going. So can you, lovelies.


Have you ever heard of Oprah’s struggle? Talk about courageous. You can’t expect to have in life what you don’t go out to grab. Knock and it shall be given unto you. Lord, give me the courage to do everything I’m meant to do.


My motto the last two weeks. Stay in the present. Stay in the now. You can’t change what happened in your past. Nor can you control what happens in your future.


I’m not the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie. But, I hold this quote to heart. This year it has been an amazing adventure of staying out of the box. And I’ve grown so much because of it.

self care

Another thing I’ve learned this year: how very important it is to take care of you, to be kind to yourself.


This is a quote from George MacDonald from his book titled Davin Elinbord. Above everything I am God’s. No matter how horrible I am, how horrible my day, God didn’t make a mistake when He made me.

I’ll probably be rereading these quotes for the rest of the day. Hoping I can get out of my funk before tonight. Tell me, what do y’all do when you’re trying to kick the dust up? xoxo