I’m not going to make light of the disasters that have hit America, Canada, Mexico and the Atlantic the last month. Fires. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Tornadoes. Disaster after disaster it doesn’t appear things will slow down any time soon.

When we were preparing for our foster licensing home study we created an emergency kit because everything we read stated we needed it. So, we gathered 72 hours worth of food and necessities. When our licensor came he didn’t so much as glance at the kit. I didn’t mind really since I took most of the food out and happily fed it to my rumbling tummy. But, after the events of this month I’m second guessing myself.

I think it would be a good idea to redo our emergency kit. Something that would easily be thrown on our backs to keep us fighting until things either settle down, we find a temporary shelter, or aid is received. And I wanted to lay the cookie crumb trail down for you too. I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of what mother nature will throw at us. I’d just rather be prepared. And so should you.

I’ve been reading the last few hours of what should be in an emergency kit. As soon as I have time I’m going to gather those items. Based on the reading, below is what I believe would be essential for an emergency kit. Please remember though, I don’t claim to know what is important and what isn’t, I mean I added “book, if fits” for my bug out bag. I urge you to do the research and prepare kits for what is best for you and your family.

During hurricane season and with winter fast approaching I pray for safety for you and yours. xoxo

Bug Out Bags/72 hour Emergency Kits


Water – a gallon per person per day
Food – 3 meals per person per day, easily prepared and nonperishable (nuts, dried fruit, canned goods, granola bars)


First Aid Kit – if you have pets, make sure you have a first aid kit for them as well. You can go here for more on that.
Flashlights – per person
Radio/Walkie Talkies – one radio is needed, but maybe a walkie per adult
Extra Batteries
Plastic Bags – grocery bags and garbage bags. Ziplocs and waterproof bags even better.
Extra Isopropyl Alcohol
Box of Crayons – this is for the wax. I would do it per adult.
Lighter – per adult
Utility Knife – per adult
Duct tape
Can Opener


Extra clothing
Extra jacket – per person
Undergarments/extra socks
Tooth paste/tooth brush
Sanitary Napkins
Book – if fits
Ponchos – per person
Cash – put in a plastic bag and secure it in one of the inner pockets of your bag
Toilet Paper
Contact lens and products
Sleeping bags/thin blankets

I probably missed a whole bunch of things. Which is why again I urge you to do your research. We always say it won’t happen to us…until it happens. Be safe out there.