I wrote this on another blog and couldn’t decided whether I should share it on that one or this one. I decided on both. I’ve been circling around a thought the last two months. Yesterday I took the day off and this came out.

I’ve learned over this past summer, the past ten months about who I really am. And through these months I’ve realized who I really am I like. I don’t have to hide behind a wall refusing to let people in. I don’t have to only show people a glimpse of who I am. It’s safe to be all of me. 

These last two months I’ve come to realize not everyone is willing to be real. Not everyone is willing to step away from the wall. Not everyone is willing to show people who they really are. Some aren’t willing because they’re afraid. Others aren’t willing because they like the control.

And that alone I understand now. I understand why there is only take never give. Only a pretending of giving. I understand why others said what they said and others walked away. I understand.



It changes its skin
To match its surroundings 
To fit right in
Hidden and doubting
Is it for safety?
Or is it for shame?
Protection from danger?
A mindless head game?
From what I’ve seen
It’s most definitely the latter
Trying to fit in
To feel like it matters
But the facade put up
Can only hold for so long
Before it crumbles
Th secret long gone
The crowd will move
Away from the lies
As the chameleon 
Fits in a new guise
It can only pretend
Before it is found 
To be fickle and shallow
Standing on unsteady ground 
Each passing day
As it changes it’s color
Can’t be it’s real self
We finally discover
Fitting in is fine
But you should be the real you
A chameleon can only change
Into so many hues