If you haven’t read the first two (ya, I know why do I need so much reviews? – because the product is amazing!) here they are:

Product Review: Hubble Contacts

Product Re-Review: Hubble Contacts

I have been using my Hubble lenses for 7 months now. Recently I went to the eye doctor. As always Shelby talked my ear off before the exam. After the exam he told me my eyes look good in regards to dryness. My prescription hasn’t changed if anything they got a tad bit better. Then he asked, “Do you like the lenses we have you in or did you want to try something different?”That is when I had to say, “Well, Shelby, about those lenses you gave me.”

He wasn’t too thrilled that I switched lenses on him without notifying him. Not because he thought I went behind his back but because I have health issues that concern my eyes and I could have done damage. I simply replied, “I did thorough research before doing the trial offer. And I can’t say that I regret it.”

When I told him about Hubble he was baffled because he never heard about them. I kindly did a 411 session with him. He wasn’t convinced and said to ease his heart he’ll give me trials of some dailies that he absolutely loves. Plus, he said, he’ll throw in colored options too.

I like Dr. Shelby. Sweet guy that makes you feel like you actually matter. So I said yes, I’ll try your lenses.

For the next two weeks I tried the lenses he raved about. The first week I tried Acuvue Oasys with HyraLuxe.

These were decent. But I could immediately after putting them in my eye that they were a lot thicker than the Hubble lenses. I could feel them in my eye for a bit after putting them in and at first I took them back out thinking it was flipped or I had some kind of lint speckle on the lens. After bearing the uncomfortableness for a bit the lens the morning went on without a hitch. Toward the early afternoon was another story. I had to dig through my purse to find my eye solution because I noticed my eyes were beginning to itch. It is a sure sign that my eyes were drying out. I wasn’t too happy about it.

I also had rubbed my eye that week. That feeling when your lens decides to crawl over your eye and you have to keep rubbing your eye to try to get it down so you can get the lens out of your eye and readjust? Ya, I forgot that feeling with Hubble.

Week two I tried Acuvue Define. Like the Oasys I had a mix of color and noncolor lenses for the week. When I first put them I realized they weren’t as thick as the Oasys but it gave me the same issues: I could feel it in my eye and it caused dry eyes. My eyes were more itchy with the Define than the Oasys.

After the second week was up I realized the doctor might know his stuff but I know my body more. After the two weeks it was clear that Hubble’s claim of “all day comfort” had me rejoicing in the fact that I had them in my eyes again. I can rub my eyes without having to readjust my lenses. They are still tricky to get out with nails (or without since I’ve poked my eyes numerous times misjudging – ya don’t ask) because of how thin they are, but it’s a problem I’m willing to have if it means comfort and happier eyes. xoxo