I haven’t felt much for writing this week so I needed to get my juices flowing. Grabbed a writing prompt out of my proverbial hat. I don’t know where this is going. But, I’m gonna have fun with it. It won’t break my heart if you don’t read it!

Writing Prompt: There are about ten dead people for every living person. Each living person is assigned ten ghosts to watch over them.

I walked through the Enchanted Forest. I know these woods like the back of my hand. But, even still I can feel my “guardian angels” surrounding me. Here in the forest some would call them fairies. Others ghosts of the past. Me, they are like my Jiminy Cricket, my conscience helping me to find my identity. I know enough from the stories told by the Winchester’s that not all angels are good. A la Lucifer. And, in my case, while my squad of angels aren’t bad, some have personalities on them that make life an adventure.

Presentiment is always beside me. She was the first to introduce herself. We met when I was a wee thing. I remember I was sitting in the corner of the playroom when she asked if I wanted a cup of tea. I was upset that I wasn’t going to be the youngest in the family anymore. Since then, she has stayed by my side through the years when fear crowded my judgement. She was there when I slayed the two dragons. Or when I lost sheep.

Next it was Solo. He came along when we moved from a little farm on the southern border of the forest to the castle. Things were different. The surroundings were different. I watched my siblings befriend other children in the court. I sat on the bench watching the other children play when Solo threw me a ball. We’ve had adventures ever since.

When Solo and I were off to see the wizard, Fiction was found on the yellow brick road too. We instantly connected as we shared in our love of make-believe. Together she and I have created endless places in our minds we can go when the Enchanted world just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Contrary to popular belief, the castle isn’t always the safest place to be. It’s big and dark. There are knights and the king’s guard everywhere. There is a dungeon that houses the realms most wicked souls. Sometimes they find a way out. Twice I’ve run into a prisoner. The first time Boxer showed me how to defend myself. Boxer helped me become a fighter, a survivor. He made sure victim was but a very small part of my story.

Deuce and Pair are twins. They showed up around the time Prince Charming saved me from a horse gone wild. It was also the day I met my soul mate. How amazing is it to find someone who wants nothing but smiles and sunshine for you? That is what Charming has done for me. With Deuce and Pair, four is never a crowd and there is always smiles and sunshine to go around.

Zeke, I can hear him skipping rocks near the creek, falls into the “angel who makes life an adventure” category. I think he belonged to someone else. But, unless you know this forest you can easily get lost. Zeke found me began playing pranks on me. Presentiment tried to stop him because I was scared at first. Now, he keeps my dog happy most days and makes me laugh all the others.

Beaver is my reminder of silver linings. Between running into giants, ogres, and trolls sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty in things. Beaver’s favorite saying is: “every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” He’s kept me adaptable and allows me to keep a positive mind frame in what can be such a negative world.

Here in the Enchanted Forest it isn’t uncommon to meet a slave. When Freedom found me in the darkest pits of the forest, torn and beaten and tired, she didn’t turn away in distaste. She gave me her cloak and helped me up. You see, I had found myself a slavery to Master Hooch, Master Vex and eventually Master Lamentation.  Befriending Freedom has helped me set myself free.

Elixir rounds out this wild bunch. I didn’t want any part of Elixir when we met. But, she reminded me that even through all the crazy hocus pocus of this world there is a God who will heal the wounds of every shattered heart. She reminded me that I deserved to heal. And heal I’ve been doing.

I couldn’t walk this realm without my squad. They are better than the seven dwarfs, no offense Snow. They sure beat crabby and guppy side kicks. Or even singing mice. They’ve helped me understand who I am in a realm that is as unsteady as the mindset of the Queen of Hearts. With them I’ve learned that it wasn’t about discovering myself, but discovering who God has created me to be. xoxo