I’ve always wanted to be better at photography. So, this month I tried my hand at it. I’ll admit I didn’t do the greatest job. I didn’t bother studying ways to be better. I didn’t bother trying to hone the craft in any way. I just kinda went with it. That is what this month has really been about – going with what life handed me.

Day 1: Self-Portrait. Anyone who knows me knows I hate pictures by myself. So, I sorta kinda cheated. Meet my niece.
Day 2: Something Treasured. I treasure this because it reminds me that I have a past and that I should honor that past by not living in it, by living in the moment, and allowing myself to be happy.
Day 3: Childhood. I remember trying to play with a hula hoop as a child. I failed. Miserably. Over and over and over.
Day 4: Your Favorite Color. Purple is my fave.
Day 5: Hard Work. I’ve been on an adventure to feel good about myself physically and emotionally. This goes to show I’m putting in the work. And that my body hated me the day after.
Day 6: A Collection. Last summer we had no softballs. We seem to now be adding to our stock.
Day 7: Close-Up. We’ve had beautiful fall days and a walk around downtown always feels good.
Day 8: On Your Plate. Beaches is an awesome restaurant off the Columbia River. The hubby took me on a date night before he left to California and we enjoyed some scrumptious steak tips.
Day 9: Sweet. Crepes. With Nutella. And strawberries.
Day 10: Morning. Another beautiful fall morning means squirrel watching and dog playing.
Day 11: A Corner of Your Home. There will be a day little one will fill this empty space.
Day 12: On Your Mind. One day I’ll be able to make a difference. Just like them.
Day 13: Before and After. I stopped doing my nails in the summer because I knew how much more active I was outdoors. I forgot how pretty I feel when my nails are done.
Day 14: Broken. Uh, I think a pineapple may have lost it’s top.
Day 15: Whole. My marriage is not whole with out God in the center of it.
Day 16: Handwriting. Thoughts on paper.
Day 17: 6:26pm. I can’t fall asleep listening to the sounds of coqui frogs. So I have the next best thing.
Day 18: Something You Made. Scrumptious goodness. With fall fully here, I pulled some new pumpkin recipes to try out. Look for the recipe in an upcoming kitchen nightmares.
Day 19: Something Older Than You. This month he had a birthday. My baby pup with dog years is way older now.
Day 20: Clouds. I realized taking this picture that I need to spend more time watching the clouds pass.
Day 21: The Struggle. I shared this on my Instagram. Brownie mix + a 100 lb dog sneaking up behind you = disaster.
Day 22: Piece. Of my past. So many memories but I’m glad it’s over.
Day 23: Your View. An oddly beautiful Fall day allowed me to take a walk near the Columbia River.
Day 24: Your Hands. My favorite place for my hands to be.
Day 25: A Stranger. Halloween party. Daddy and daughter. So cute.
Day 26: Texture. This, idk. I was stuck on this.
Day 27: Time. One of my favorite accessories at home.
Day 28: Makes You Happy. My niece wrote this to me years ago. I still keep it on my desk.
Day 29: Your Name. What more can I say here?
Day 30: Love. This collection continues to grow.
apple watch2
Day 31: Self-Portrait. Ya.

It was a mystery on how I even accomplished this. But I did.

For the love of self I’ve learned to ignite a stirring passion. xoxo