Your children miss you, Dad. Today, I heard Braddah listening to your music. I did the same on the way to work. I don’t think today will ever get entirely easy.

I hope you’re singing and dancing with those who have come before and after you. Telling Jesus your dad jokes that were never really funny but we laughed at anyway. Hanging out with Mama baking or cooking. Getting into trouble with Jax, Addie, Aria and all my angel babies that now get to sit on your lap.

For you today, Daddy.

A box sits in my closet
Holding memories
Of you
I don’t look at it
I don’t touch it
How could I?
You are in there
All the life you had
All the tears I have
Of you
Wrapped between four walls
Of a plastic box remembering
When we were forced to say goodbye
Forced to let go
Forced to love
Without you
I miss you today
Like the ocean misses the shore
The sun misses the sky
The rain misses the clouds
I miss you
A box sits in my closet
Holding memories
Of you
And I can’t help
To think
To wonder
What today would feel like
With you

Love you,
Honey Girl