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30 Day Blog-a-thon

Adoption Paperwork

Oi, will the paperwork ever end? I guess that's where you really start. Sure,  there is the agency research and the endless hours reading literally everything you can about fostering and adopting but the paperwork is where the ball begins... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Croissant Puff

Last month I was invited to the "Secret Sister Reveal" for the ladies at church. It was so much fun. It wasn't about being able to open a gift. It was about being able to hang out with the ladies... Continue Reading →

HB No. 1533 – Proposition to Legalize Prostitution

For Hawaii Nei. I promised someone I would shine a light on this bill. It has taken me a week and a half because it was hard. This bill, which can be read here, brings up a lot of feels. When... Continue Reading →

Surprise, Mom!

Surprise! Hours ago my siblings and I were successful in surprising my mom with her oldest daughter, husband, and youngest grand baby flying into SeaTac. She didn't know squat (I hope) about the visit. And let me tell you, it... Continue Reading →

Adoption Babbling

This is a long road. A journey so worth the struggles, but, man it's been tough.¬†We have completed more than half of the initial training required and have two more classes to go before we can submit our paperwork. But,... Continue Reading →

Languages of Love

Nearly a month ago my husband and I made 13 years of marriage. In this day and age that's a lifetime. I promised him today that I wouldn't get all mushy and gooey about how much I adore him online... Continue Reading →


Sometimes goodbye is just a place mark in time. A time where paths are separated for a short season. And then, other times, goodbyes are the end of a chapter, end of a story, end of a lifetime. And it... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Ideas

This is the holiday where everyone is lovey dovey and showering people with heart candies and red and pink lace cards. I'm not necessarily about that but I'm all for being sappy (yes fathead, I'll admit it) with my best... Continue Reading →

No Boil Lasagna

Yesterday was a trying day. So, in search of comfort I made comfort food. There is something about making lasagna that makes me so keenly aware of how much I love being in the kitchen. Maybe it's the redundant process... Continue Reading →

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