Hours ago my siblings and I were successful in surprising my mom with her oldest daughter, husband, and youngest grand baby flying into SeaTac. She didn’t know squat (I hope) about the visit. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy keeping the secret either. We’ve had soooo many slips of our tongue. In fact, the other day, I told my mom I’m hoping my bronchitis was no longer contagious because I was nervous to be around Loke (my niece). To which I had to back track and say, “Not Loke. Hoku.” My other niece. And play the card that I was worried about being around all my nieces and nephews but, Hoku because she’s the youngest, I was worried about the most. Or there was that time I was talking with my mom about taking family pictures and that we would all be there. And had to sell her on my mad skills with Photoshop to edit my sister and her little family in it. Oi.

But, our family is complete. Even if it is just for a few days.

The most exciting thing about it? I get to meet my niece. To be fair, I’ve met her already. We FaceTime all the time. When she was still growing in her mommy’s tummy I was the first of our family to actually “see” her and “talk” with her. I’m so excited to meet this Hawaiian baby. To hold her and have her tap out. And yes, you read that right. And no, I don’t mean to abuse my niece. But, it is customary that Aunty Pearly at the one year mark rough house the kiddo and teach them how to tap out. I’ve gotten all of them to tap out except my RyRy. That boy, that boy is soooo stinkin’ stubborn.

I can’t wait to see my family. I miss my sister so much. I miss my mom even more. I always get extreme anxiety when I know mom is coming down for a few days because I have to find a way to take up all of that time and make it last until the next time we see her. She is, after all, the matriarch for a reason. The glue that holds this family together. The one that we run to when we just want to give up. The one that still scolds us even though we are all still grown adults. The one that we respect and adore.

I can’t wait to take family pictures and tell my mom that I don’t in fact have mad Photoshop skills. I can work Photoshop for basics but that’s it. I get to use my new favorite cardigan that my Secret Sister got me. Shout out to you, by the way, Secret Sister. I love it, used it immediately. You’re amazing. But, most of all, we get to spend a few hours hating the person bossing us around and telling us how to stand and when to smile. Fun times. But, memories. It’s all about the memories.

And the one thing I can wait for? My sisters ganging up on me. There is one thing that never fails, when the three of us are together, I will and shall always remain the baby. The one that got paid for tattling on them growing up. The one that got tricked into their haunted house. The one that was never invited to their pizza parties. And most of all, the baby sister that gets teased for no other reason than because I can be. Talk about fun times. But, I wouldn’t change it – even if it drives me nuts – because – the memories.

Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love. And though due to our Foster Care Training I can’t see them much during their stay, I know it will be amazing. I miss my family dearly. It’ll be an amazing night. I’m so very grateful February 16th is finally here. xoxo