Technically summer started on June 21st. But, you know, tomatoes tamatoes. With summer comes Mr. Sun, new adventures, sun screen, tan lines and lots and lots of water. After what seemed like a forever and a day rainy season the sun decided to stay and we’ve been enjoying his rays ever since.

The month started off with camping. A weekend of camping with some amazing friends was awesome. I quickly learned Mainland camping and Hawaii camping are completely different. First of all, you actually have designated spots here. You also have colder nights and mornings. Bleached bathrooms every morning. And the water isn’t the Pacific Ocean but a lake or river.

Even still, it was great…

We spent a lot of time outdoors which included floating the river. Twice. I floated the Boise River when we lived there with some friends and it was one of the best times I’ve had on water. If you don’t know, water and I have a love hate relationship. Needless to say, I was hesitant to step in the river. But, I did it.

I wore my life vest the whole time. I wasn’t taking chances. The first float was easy peasy. Mostly. There were a few charlie horses on my legs and bum at the end of the day. The second float? Well, lets just say I am glad I spent the extra money on a good vest, hubby lost his glasses, and we ended up not bringing our double tube home. By the end of the second float I was pooped. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Because #didyoudie

We had lots of softball. Six games total. We actually won two of them! Trust me, that’s pretty exciting. I’ve never played softball like this before so I’m still learning, as is most of us on the team. But, I can tell you this, it’s never a dull moment on Sundays. It’s been fun learning the ropes with this team.

It was the best fun I had all summer. Sure I ended with a busted shin, sweated more than I have in a long time. But, I also tried something different and got to know more people. It was a blast. I’m excited for next year.


Last year we did a lot of Saturday hikes. This year we haven’t done much (who knows we may do some in August). We just haven’t had the time like we did last year. Amazing what a social life will actually do, right? But, we did manage to get two hikes in and it was amazing.

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We went to Horsetrail Falls and Oneota Falls. It was amazing and beautiful. The water was amazing. During Oneota Falls we had to actually walk most of the way in the water to get to the waterfall at the end. And it was worth it. Horsetrail got us to see three falls, one which we got to walk behind. It made me miss home.

And then we just enjoyed the sun. Garage sales, Farmer’s Markets, walks, BBQs, lounging at the pool, back yard sun baths. There were date nights, surprises, seeing old friends, meeting new people, lots and lots of traveling north and south. You name it we did it. It’s definitely been a carousel of summer activities. And, I don’t regret it a bit. By the end of July I had four distinct tans, a slipper tan (the Hawaiian in me was so proud) and scars from the many amazing adventures. I’ve definitely been sunkissed.

My goal this summer was to fall back in love with the world, with life, with myself and I think I did just that. This will definitely be a summer that I will never forget. It is going way too quickly. While my tan lines will fade and the summer nights will turn into fall nights the memories made this summer will last forever.

For the love of self, I learned to enjoy life day by day and bask in the sun. xoxo