It is summer. Officially like a week ago. And the PNW graced us with a “beautiful” gift this past weekend with sunny skies of 100 degrees plus. It was hot, hot, hot! But, welcomed after such a bizarre winter and I swear a spring that seemed like it only wanted to shower. With Mr. Sun out comes fun times outdoors. What’s coming next? Camp. I have had camp brain for the last week or two. Why? Because on Saturday I’m going to be soaking Mr. Sun’s rays here…

Pine Meadows Campground – Cottage Grove, OR

The last time on a lake there was a peace that came upon me. It was the first time in a very long time that I felt right. I listened to the waves created by passing boats, swung on a bench hovering over the shore and wrote, a lot. I will never forget Mason Lake, the family time, and the peace that has helped me become who I am today.

While this trip will be a little different from my time on Mason Lake, it’ll help usher in the changing dynamics of our household. And as I stare at pictures of the camp, I can’t begin to feel excitement. The idea that I will be able to sneak away to sit at the lake in the early morning, drinking my tea, reading, writing, praying energizes me. The idea that I will get to watch incredible moms with their children, to be able to take notes and learn from them kinda excites me. The idea of being able to be, nothing sounds more enticing.

I skipped Monday’s post because while I could write words just didn’t seem right. But, I know right now, my body is itching for the sun and all that summer brings with it. The words are gravitating toward the open skies ready for all of the adventures blue skies will bring. I can’t wait to walk out of here on Friday to enjoy Pine Meadows. The start of a fun filled Summer 2017.

But, really, it’s the water.


To be able to sit and watch the sunset like above? To see God paint, using the sky as His canvas? To sit in silence listening to the music of the water? To sit in boisterous laughter watching kiddos eat up the sun’s rays and be hugged by the water’s arms? What can be more fulfilling then that?

If there is ever magic in this world you can be sure to find it in water. I know to some it may sound weird knowing how I feel about water. But, it is with water that I gather all of my sanity. I think it’s the reason why I always long for Hawaii. It is the breathless waves crashing into the lava rocks, the honu’s swimming mere feet away, the sun dancing on the top of the ocean that sings to me. It is a sweet lullaby that grounds my heart, steadies my mind, helps me to focus on above. Since Hawaii is an uncomfortable hole in my pocket, it is the water found in lakes and rivers here in the PNW that has taken its place.

And beleive me when I say I am counting the hours where I meet my old friend. For I know my old friend is calling me home. xoxo