I am great at metaphors and double meanings. After this weekend I don’t regret the decisions I have made these last 10 months. I don’t regret saying goodbye. My reasons are my own but they are the right reasons.

I wrote this poem for my past. I’m tired of having to wonder. Tired of apologizing. Tired of making excuses. I wrote this poem because I’m tired of being shackled by the could have beens. 

I hope y’all enjoy.

Reasons for Goodbye

I will only go on road trips
When I need a clarity break
And boy did I need an adventure
A need to escape the constant ache

The complications have been mounting
The secrets between the two
How it unsettled the evened earth
How it shattered what was true.

This road trip I have found my footing
And my wings to soar the skies
I have found what’s been in front of me
I now see pass all the hidden lies.

I look out through the window
Watching the world pass on by
Not afraid of what the future holds
I can’t look back. I won’t ask why.

I am saddened to part ways
But I know this is what I need to do
To gather the gifts of today
To take charge to be renewed

The field is littered with haystacks
The country store stands so tall
This is what dreams are made of
And I want it all.

I will carry the lessons with me
Of the stories that we’ve made
Of the what ifs and promises
Even as your memory fades.

I will stand upon the mountain
Gazing at the splendors of the sea
Thankful for all the conversations
So excited for this possibility.

This road like all the others
Is less traveled and shunned upon
But I could not make my way
If I could not move on.

I don’t look at what’s behind me
Though I bid you a sad goodbye
The life I want does not include you
And for once, I understand why.

I have hated to say goodbye but I have come to learn that words for some don’t mean the same as it does to me. My word is my life. I live and breathe what I say and write. I only wish that everyone else did.

Sometimes I look at my past and realize that walking away was the best thing for me. Case in point. Other times, like this weekend, I am reminded my past is what has made me and some people need to be in my life. Thanks for the visit. I only wish that everything could have worked out for everyone.

May the winds of your travel teach you to soar. xoxo