Within hours our holiday will be over. Four days of fun and sun. We had many road trips. Been to towns and cities we haven’t been to in a long time or ever. We got to watch water baxters sunbathe and fight for room. We got to see deer on the side of the road and ride a pontoon and plunge into the lake. We got to see family we haven’t seen in a while and met more. 

I am now realizing taking holidays are so important for rest and healing.



My Dearest Friend,

We have just dropped the two of you off at the airport and I can’t seem to control my emotions. It has been an amazing four days of laughter, food, and normalcy. And I already miss it. Thank you for the weekend. Thank you for finding the time to visit. Thank you for feeding me because that always makes me happy. Thank you for reaching out to others so we would be able to see them and spend time in places that inspired.

Mostly, thank you for being you. Thank you for never hovering. Thank you for teasing. Thank you for the blonde moments and the oh my lan moments. Thank you for the somebody has to use their heads moments. Thank you for knowing what I needed most out of this weekend and never requiring a “what’s up?” moment.

I know we have a love/hate relationship. Most people I think would honestly believe we aren’t so keen about each other. But, truth be told there is nothing but love and respect. If there is any human relationship other than the relationship I have with my husband that I need in my life, it is yours. I know there will be days or months that we don’t speak to each other. I know there will be times we will shoot a text and we just can’t shut up. I also know that we are there for each other through thick and thin even if we don’t let the other know. And more than anything I am grateful for that.

Watching you and your hubby twirl into the doors and into the other side of the airport put a pang in my heart. I was a little confused because I almost longed to move back home. Mom would be thrilled I’m sure. If only home was for me. I’m going to miss you. I’m going to miss knowing there were no walls up. I could talk as much as I wanted and there was no judgement or frustration. I could be me, 100% introverted me. Thank you for accepting that.

I hope y’all have safe travels down into California and finally back to Hilo. Think of the little people and tell everyone we said hello. Don’t be a stranger and come back often, and we will do the same. Maybe lets get to Lake Tahoe like you planned. Some place different and away from the constraints of life. Mason Lake is always a welcomed retreat.

We love you both very much. I know Jeremy is thankful for the time you were here to allow some family bonding. It was also nice for him to have Kama around. Someone who he could goof off with and be a man with instead of his wifey just looking at him like he’s crazy. I’m sure Kama needed that as well.

Thank you, fathead, for bringing the sun.

All of my love,




Here’s to family and holidays. xoxo