From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges



Be Like Nike

The PNW is in the midst of a record breaking heat wave. Normally during the summer we will get a day or two of triple digit weather. Well, mother nature (or is it global warming) decided one or two days... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Roots

I stood outside in what felt like 100° weather playing softball yesterday. I don't do well in the sun. I'm usually covered to ensure I don't feel like I have my skin on a hot burner. But, yesterday I braved... Continue Reading →

Hello, July!

Can you believe 2017 has worked half its way through? Most people started New Year's Resolutions when 2017 started. Were you one of them? If so, how are you doing? If not, how has your year been? Any goals you... Continue Reading →

The Power of Yet

My husband and I are habitual people. While we are opposites we are alike in so many ways. We are both introverts and homebodies. We don't often try new things because it messes with our mojo in life. We require... Continue Reading →

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