My husband and I are habitual people. While we are opposites we are alike in so many ways. We are both introverts and homebodies. We don’t often try new things because it messes with our mojo in life. We require cleanliness in our home. We both like to cook, love basketball and are stubborn. Well, actually I really take the latter to an extreme. 

In any case, we are really habitual. Same morning routines. Same way to go to work. Same way we get ready for bed. It suits us.

Lately though, something has changed. A good change but change nonetheless. Lately, whatever door God opens we step through without hesitation. We volunteer our services without thinking things through. We enlist in the tasks at hand. We proffer up the chance to be better, to change, to be different. And that’s why today we will be spending time to cultivate that change.

Bright and fresh on Monday morning Jeremy will start his first day as a business man. Now, if you know my husband he has always worked with his hands. He became a carpenter and landscaper because he liked to create. He fixes cars and builds RCs because he likes to bring things to life. This time he’s going big and helping to bring a whole business to life.

My husband has never thought he’d amount to something. He would be the first person to bash himself on his shortcomings. We’ve been together since 2001 and every day I’ve fought for him to see  himself the way I see him. He’s done the same for me. Jeremy has always said he can’t do something, or doesn’t understand. I can’t do thisOr, I don’t understand this. Or, This doesn’t work. He grew up never having someone 100% believe that he could do anything he puts his mind to. Or, at least tell him how amazing he is.

Then, the power of yet kicked into our lives.

xxxxxxxxxxxxWe can’t do this…yet.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWe don’t understand this…yet.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis doesn’t work…yet.

xxxxxxxxxxxxWe can’t reach this…yet.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWe don’t earn this…yet..
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis doesn’t fit…yet.

The Power of Yet. It is the belief that you can improve. It is the change of an entire mindset. It provides you hope giving you the power to believe in yourself. It provides us with the power of growth, the power of improvement, the power of encouragement. I have dream boards, Pinterest boards really, that list all the things that I want to do.

xxxI won’t make it to Italy…yet.
xxxxxxI am not an author…yet.
xxxxxxxxxI won’t own my dream home…yet.
xxxI am not healthy…yet.
xxxxxxI do not have a family…yet.
xxxxxxxxxI will never have a green thumb…yet.
xxxI will never travel through the US…yet.
xxxxxxI won’t own my own business…yet.
xxxxxxxxxI am not bilingual…yet.

My husband, unknowingly, has grasped onto the Power of Yet. And today, today we embark on an amazing journey to GQ him up to be the man I knew he could always be. Today, we may not be able to fulfill all of our wildest dreams, but we take another step toward them.

Change your mindset. You can’t…yet. xoxo

***Hey y’all. I’m switching things up a bit this weekend. I have a party to go to tomorrow that is inspiring The Walking Dead premier so I’ll be dabbling on brains this weekend that I can’t wait to show you. So until party time Kitchen Nightmares is on a day commercial. ☺️