From Sand to Gemstones

Refining Life's Ragged Edges


moving on

I Forgive You

I missed my post yesterday but wanted to make sure I keep the at least twice a week posts going. It's been a little hard (really, it's just being lazy) to do it so I'm forcing myself to now. As... Continue Reading →

It Doesn’t Hurt

I think the motto for the next few years of my life is growth and healing. This will probably be the hardest healing but I know that it's time. It is time to let go of the hurt and grow... Continue Reading →

Past Letter Series

Every now and then I write a letter about my past. I don't know where it started or how the idea came to be. The base of the letter was to get things off my chest. To often the chaos... Continue Reading →

Dear Past

Dear Past How are you? I know we talk often enough but lately I've been wondering about it more. Have you found a way yet? What is it like to be where you are? To see what you see? To... Continue Reading →

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